Prayer of Praise

Dear Father, You who made the heavens and the earth, You who made all things, praise unto You, O Great and Sovereign Lord, for You have loved us and You have sent Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ, to be born as a humble babe and to be slain as the Passover Lamb – it is through Him that we have been purchased for Your Glory and Your purpose.

Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, Promised Messiah. It is by Your obedience to the Father, Your sacrifice upon the Cross, that we have been made righteous in God’s sight. And You, O Jesus, did not remain in the grave, but as Your word said beforehand You took Your Life up again, and so in Your Resurrection we have Life and fellowship with the Lord God Almighty.

Dear Holy Ghost, You have been sent to us by the Father at the asking of the Son, and You now dwell in our hearts and make us alive to God. You are our Counsellor, You comfort us as we need, and You convict the world of sin. It is You, O Spirit of God, that leads us and guides us, in order that we may take no praise for ourselves but that all Glory is due to God.

Dear Father, Son and Holy Ghost, we praise You. Jesus, You are the Lamb that was slain and, lo! You now liveth for evermore. You reign with the Father in the Unity of the Holy Spirit – One God, now and forever.


(This prayer was originally posted as part of the “Weekly Worship” on the G+ Reformed Fellowship Church, a Google Plus community.)


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