Pilgrim’s Progress – Christiana Comes to the Cross

In the second part of Pilgrim’s Progress, which follows the pilgrimage of Christian’s wife and children, we see Christiana (the wife) come to the Cross. First we have Great-heart giving a discourse on how Christ’s righteousness has been laid on us, but here we see how the way in which our pardon has been received can bring us great joy:

“Great-heart. Yes; it was the belief of this that cut off those strings [of the burden which Christian carried], that could not be cut by other means; and it was to give him a proof of the virtue of this, that he was suffered to carry his burden to the cross.

“Christiana. I thought so; for though my heart was lightsome and joyous before, yet it is ten times more lightsome and joyous now. And I am persuaded by what I have felt, (though I have felt but little as yet,) that if the most burdened man in the world was here, and did see and believe as I now do, it would make his heart the more merry and blithe.”

The joy of knowing the pardon gained for us by the Blood of Christ is such that it should deeply and profoundly affect us. To know that this pardon was bought at such great cost, even the immense suffering upon the Cross, should bring us into deep affection towards our Lord and Saviour that to cease thanking Him and praising Him should be beyond our thoughts.


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