Mark of FaithMark of Faith

I am an evangelical Christian with a generally Reformed outlook and I have a belief in the spiritual gifts for the present Church, though I am keen that we should all regard the Bible as the sole, infallible, authoritative reference for doctrine and morality.

I am a sinner saved by grace, and it is only because of God’s wonderful mercy, and not any effort or position on my part, that I can say that Jesus Christ is my Lord and my Saviour.

My Blogs

I previously kept a blog called Ekklektic Facetta which covered the topics of Biblical teaching, politics and graphic design. That blog is no more, but I am still blogging on a number of blogs.

This blog, Servant by Grace, is my place for expressing teachings and thoughts of a Christian nature, and especially teachings from Scripture.

I have another blog which is again a renewal of an old blog, Edge of Creation: a more free-flowing blog on philosophy, spirituality, poetry and myths and legends.

I invite you to read and share what you find of value here, and I pray that you may, indeed, find some worth in what you read.

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